Mitchell Gibbs

Dr Mitchell Gibbs

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sydney

Mitchell ‘Mitch’ Gibbs is a Thunghutti man through kinship from the Dunghutti nation of the mid north coast of New South Wales.

Mitch holds an undergraduate degree with honours from Western Sydney University and recently completed a PhD in Marine Biology/Biochemistry at the University of Sydney and is currently undertaking postdoctoral research at this same institution, investigating the science held within Indigenous aquatic practices.

With an interest in First Nations knowledge systems, Mitch is dedicated to raising awareness among his fellow academics about the importance and benefits of Traditional knowledge for the Australian environment.

Mitch has sat on panels and committees and presented at numerous conferences relating to marine research and Indigenous perspectives. His public outreach experience includes podcast interviews, presenting on radio, and other research interviews and his work is widely published and cited.  

Mitch has won several awards, including the Indigenous Achievement Scholarship, Commonwealth Academic Scholarship with WSU and a GO Foundation Scholarship. He was also an ambassador for the University of Sydney in a cultural exchange program for First Nations knowledge between Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada.

Mitch is a former employee of the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence and Tranby College.