Bernice Hookey

Bernice Hookey

Cycle-breaker, changemaker and founder of MZB Empowerment

Bernice is a proud Waanyi woman, her ancestors’ roots extend from the Lower Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland.

Bernice is the founder and CEO of MZB Empowerment and a cycle-breaker mum, influential changemaker, an accomplished speaker, author, mentor and leader. She works at Tranby across numerous areas including the Yanalangami: Strong Women, Strong Communities project.

She has held roles in senior management, directly reporting to general managers, CEOs and successful family business operations. Bernice serves on numerous boards at both local, community and national levels, to provide cultural diversity and inclusion advice and contribute to organisational decision-making.

Bernice is a survivor of disempowerment, feelings of unworthiness, and depreciated well-being, and has overcome adversity to speak up. Her lived experience confers her an expertise that she incorporates in her work.

Bernice provides a unique, culturally safe environment, accountability, tailored design, and cultural-lens mentorship to achieve change and transform cross-cultural exchange with respectful boundaries.